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Worker focused and powerful organisation driven features. The ServiceAtWrk app has what you need to #getorganised.

Mobile Job Management

Easy to use management features in our app allow your workers to communicate effectively and keep job scheduling organised and efficient. Notifications, targeted communication, job status updates and more.

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Job List

All the latest information and schedule that your workers could need is available right on their home page with a simply organised job list. 

Each job has a clear set of information the worker needs to action, Title, Description, Status and Date and Time.

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Job Scheduling

Workers and Office Staff can work together to get jobs scheduled for the best times with Job Schedulling available in the app as well as on the CRM. 

Office Staff can see worker availablity and workers get notifications instantly to let them know about job updates.

Job Tracking

If your workers need to travel when on their way to their next job, our application can be used for both Location Tracking while also providing workers with quick and easy access to mapping so they can concentrate on getting on with the job instead of working out if traffic is in the way.

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Job Calendar

If you need to plan ahead whether for just this week or for the next month, worker availability can be mapped out ahead of time, taking into consideration who is busy when and the length of time the job is predicted to take. We've been doing the same for our own work for the past two decades, why not help get everyone else organised?

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Staff Communication

One of the key aspects to business is good communication. Thats why the ServiceAtWrk app aims to aid this with communication readily available through multiple channels in the app to keep it focused but flexible.

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Job Chat

For job specific actions communication between the worker and their controller is important and valuable for boosting productivity. We have built a powerful job chat system that keeps communication logged against the job for anyone that works on it to see, so important information is transferred to all relevant parties.

Iphone_X - Group Chat.png

Group Chats

For wider communication between staff we have created a customisable group chat system that wipes out the need for other messaging apps and keeps everything local. 

Workers can be grouped in any way you see fit so that the right people are talking to each other. 

Flexible and Robust Job Process

We've built an easy to understand job status process but in reality you can make it whatever suits your business best. Risk assessments, Sign off, Custom Job Sheets, Business Documentation, Customisable Forms, all enabled by our flexible job process system.

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Risk Assessment

Build a risk assessment with all the components you need to have a robust process that can meet all the standards you require while also making it easy and simple for your workers to get started with the job at hand. 

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Customer Sign Off

Customer sign off can be done simply through our app with signature taking and soon to come, more options for how customers can sign off work. 

Specify whether photos need to accompany job sign off, set how many signatures are needed and make sure all bases are covered before the stamp of approval is given.

Custom Job Templates

You can create as many job templates of your own as you like and they come across in the app immediately with no extra work needed. Forms, Phases and Style can all be changed to suit exactly how your business works.

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Forms and Documents

If you have forms or documents that are not necessarily needed for a job but need to be at the fingertips of your workers at any time then we have just what you need with built in custom documentation and form builders that workers can easily access through the ServiceAtWrk app.

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Still not sure?

The AtWrk platform is something that we believe can be suited to any business. The combination of our modules and the easy customisation of the core components of the system is something that we think is unrivalled in this space. If you want to learn more or try and find out if AtWrk is for you, then dont hesitate to contact us.

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