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The flexible and customisable end-to-end solution for the Field Service Industry

Implement your business workflow with ease through a customisable solution and maximise your resources.


Job Scheduling made easy

ServiceAtWrk allows you to schedule jobs and allocate to the best suited worker based on calculated ETAs while showing you all the info you need to keep the business running efficiently. 

Use the powerful drag and drop worker calendar page to manage which notifies your field engineers instantly. Managers can also keep up to date with in-CRM notifications of changes to jobs.

With your management having less to do to keep field engineers organised they can optimise their own workload to better customer service.

Customise your processes

ServiceAtWrk is built in a way that allows you to create your own job workflow with customisable job forms at various stages in the job process. You can use ServiceAtWrk forms to ensure compliance, enforce stages throughout the job process, keep track of job progress in real time, complete risk assessments and more. 

Jobs are also integrated into the stock control module so Sales Orders can be automatically generated from the usage of stock within jobs before going back to the managers. 
With all of this available ServiceAtWrk jobs allow you the flexibility to get what you need out of an Enterprise Management System.


Integration with system modules


Connect Jobs to datasets such as asset registers to keep track of all the jobs that have been done against each asset, allowing you to see the entire job history against an asset easily.


Connect additional forms to jobs by filtering them to be 'job only' linking them to the jobs where they have been completed and not allowing them to be completed later after the job has already been completed.


Geo-fenced job areas allow you to setup customer sites and only allow workers to start a job when it is within your defined applicable area for the job site, improving worker compliance.


Customer sign off is available at any stage of the job process. Thanks to ServiceAtWrk customisable job forms, get site access sign off, job complete sign off, risk assessment sign off, it's all possible within ServiceAtWrk Workforce Management.

Still not sure?

The AtWrk platform is something that we believe can be suited to any business. The combination of our modules and the easy customisation of the core components of the system is something that we think is unrivalled in this space. If you want to learn more or try and find out if AtWrk is for you, then dont hesitate to contact us.

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