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Secure Platform

Fortify Your Business with AtWrk's Robust Security Features

Safeguarding your data with confidence

In an era of escalating cyber threats and data breaches, businesses must prioritize security to protect their sensitive information and maintain customer trust.


AtWrk, the leading cloud software provider in the UK, understands the paramount importance of data security and has integrated a suite of powerful security features into its platform.


From Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to OWASP Compliance, Data Retention Readiness, and Data Protection Compliance, AtWrk empowers its customers with an arsenal of security measures, ensuring their data remains safe and secure.

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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): A Multi-Layered Shield

AtWrk's 2FA is a crucial safeguard against unauthorized access to user accounts. With 2FA, users must provide a secondary authentication code, delivered via SMS, email, or authenticator apps, in addition to their regular login credentials.


This multi-layered approach makes it significantly harder for cybercriminals to breach accounts, even if login information is compromised. By embracing 2FA, customers can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their accounts are protected by an additional layer of security.

OWASP Compliance: Proactively Guarding Against Vulnerabilities

AtWrk is dedicated to adhering to the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) guidelines, which offer comprehensive protection against the most critical security risks facing web applications.


By proactively identifying and addressing potential vulnerabilities, AtWrk ensures its platform is fortified against common attack vectors, reducing the risk of security breaches and data 4 compromises.

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Data Retention Ready

Balancing Convenience and Compliance

Data retention policies are essential for businesses, ensuring they retain data only for as long as necessary and in compliance with regulatory requirements.


AtWrk's Data Retention Ready feature enables businesses to configure and manage data retention settings effectively. This empowers customers to balance data storage needs with compliance obligations, ensuring data is retained for the appropriate duration while adhering to legal and regulatory standards.

Data Protection Compliant

Meeting the Highest Security Standards

Protecting customer data is of paramount importance. AtWrk goes the extra mile by being Data Protection Compliant, adhering to industry best practices and legal requirements.


With strong data protection measures in place, customers can confidently store and manage their sensitive information within the AtWrk platform, knowing it is well-guarded against unauthorized access.

Security Room

Securing Customer Trust:
A Foundation for Long-Term Success

With AtWrk's comprehensive security features, businesses can establish a foundation of trust with their customers.


By safeguarding sensitive data, businesses demonstrate their commitment to data protection and customer privacy. Strengthening this trust builds long-term customer relationships, fosters brand loyalty, and enhances a business's reputation in a competitive marketplace.

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Embrace AtWrk's Security Fortress Today

In an era where cyber threats are ever-evolving, staying ahead in the battle against data breaches is non-negotiable. AtWrk's array of robust security features, including 2FA, OWASP Compliance, Data Retention Readiness, and Data Protection Compliance, empowers businesses with a formidable security fortress.


Join AtWrk today to safeguard your data with confidence, knowing your valuable information is in the hands of a trusted partner committed to securing your success.

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