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Automation with Datasets

Using our business management system and datasets to power up a process for NBCS to tackle fraud and save their customers money.

The National Business Crime Solution is a non-profit organisation working with Police and businesses to help tackle business crime across the UK. With a core principle of gathering data and sharing information between businesses and across the public and private sectors, NBCS works to hone in on the issues businesses face with prolific and persistent offenders. 

As NBCS investigates more ways to achieve their goals, new processes emerge that have to be quickly conquered to determine their viability, here at AtWrk we are now working with the NBCS to help make their processes more efficient with our Business Management tools.


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A process that was getting more difficult to manage the further it got.

After AtWrk joined the NBCS program and saw what NBCS was trying to achieve, we quickly wanted to become involved in what they were doing and wanted to support the cause. After seeing what we had already done and the potential of what the AtWrk system could do, the NBCS saw an opportunity to utilise the platform to change processes and get on top of some elements of their business that had become less organised. 

One aspect of the NBCS is to follow up fraudulent returns claims made by customers through online retailers. With the evidence that the retailers have at hand, counter claims can be made but the volume of the issue proves too much for the online retailers to handle so it falls to the NBCS to try and get some of that money back. To do so, the NBCS have a process of filing and a series of letters to the fraudsters with a payment offer to avoid further escalations. 

The process end-to-end was a very manual one and the volume of claims the team had to deal with proved to be a lot to deal with and the three step escalation letter process was falling behind and the manual process of updating the word document each time to customise the letter to each claim was taking up too much resource at the NBCS. 
The NBCS needed a tool to be able to manage the claims more efficiently, getting the raw data into something manageable, easier ways for the team to keep up to date with when the escalation letters were due and also a way to keep track of payments against them. 

AWF18_Datasets_1.png copy.png

To start with we had to get the data into the system easily and append some automation on some of the fields the allow the system to manage some of the process. We created a data upload tool in a matter of days that could take any of the data that NBCS had and import it into a custom Dataset Table on the system that can be browsed easily with the built in filters and search in ServiceAtWrk. With this tool created and the data now in ServiceAtWrk we could look to building any automated status updates needed, such as making sure the status updated when the next letter was due based on the prior letter send date. Thanks to our automation tools in the back end this was done quickly and simply and allowed us to work on finer details like the letter templates. 

The ServiceAtWrk system allows users to have customised PDF exports from Datasets, Forms, Jobs and Accounts Processes using word templates and bookmarks, allowing the system to have endless possibilities when it comes to automated document generation. In this case we could take the key information from each dataset record and append it to the blanks in the letter template provided by NBCS in order to export the letter with it all pre-filled and ready to send out the door, cutting out completely the tedious time the NBCS had to spend updating the template each time the letter needed to be sent. 

The NBCS now has a Dataset of all the claims with custom statuses that the claims move through automatically as they are updated from the process being carried out and the letters take a fraction of the time to produce and get out of the door. 

It was clear that this process was something that the NBCS needed to get on top of and it needed to be done quickly as the backlog of work would only get worse as time went on. 
AtWrk saw an opportunity for NBCS to take advantage of our Datasets module to be able to upload the data quickly, automate statuses of each claim based on it's progress through the process and automatically generate letters ready to send out with the click of a button.

Utilising Datasets in ServiceAtWrk to create a custom process with automation

The results speak for themselves

Working with AtWrk has been a really refreshing experience, both Ed and Dave have really listened to our needs as a client. This was reflected in the efficient way our platform was put together. The AtWrk team identified areas in our processes that could be automated thus driving productivity and ensuring the scalability of the service.
The way the platform has been designed to work means that we can quickly work through our caseload systemically, removing the need for manual intervention. This means we work faster, deal with more cases and can ensure timely responses, within the required time frames. 
The system goes one step further to provide automated reporting that can be sent to our members as well as other interested parties as required, on a recurrent basis. This allows us to keep our members informed of our progress and performance, and highlight any issues without the need to build separate reporting. 
I would definitely recommend AtWrk to any business looking for a software solution.



Our journey with the NBCS will continue as we help out more with further areas of what they do, but if you think anything from this story is something that we would be able to help you out with then get in touch with the links below or email us at

Simran Baghara

Fraud & Legal Services Manager at the National Business Crime Solution

Through working with the team at NBCS we found that we were able to bring benefits to the processes that they needed to improve and prove the flexibility of the ServiceAtWrk platform.

Here are a few words Simran from the NBCS:

Get in touch with us

The AtWrk platform is something that we believe can be suited to any business. If the NBCS story is something that you think might apply to you or if you just want to learn more or try out AtWrk yourself, then dont hesitate to contact us.

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