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Digital Forms

Streamlined Data Collection for Modern Enterprises

Transforming Business Efficiency with AtWrk's Digital Forms Module

In today's digital era, harnessing the power of data is vital for making informed decisions and optimizing business processes. AtWrk, the UK's premier cloud software provider, recognizes the significance of efficient data collection and has developed a powerful Digital Forms Module.


This feature-rich tool, complete with a backend forms builder and mobile app for engineers or staff, revolutionizes how businesses collect and manage information. From geo-locked forms for location-specific data collection to email alerts, image attachments, dropdown lists, and integration with other AtWrk modules like Datasets


AtWrk's Digital Forms Module empowers businesses to streamline their data collection processes and unlock unprecedented efficiency.

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Seamless Data Collection with the ServiceAtWrk App

AtWrk's Digital Forms Module is designed to simplify data collection for businesses on the move. The mobile app empowers engineers or staff to complete digital forms in real-time, capturing critical information while they're on-site.


This eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork and ensures data is entered accurately and efficiently.

Geo-Locked Forms: Precision Data Collection

Precision data collection is essential for businesses operating in diverse locations.


AtWrk's Geo-Locked Forms ensure that forms are accessible only in specific locations. This feature guarantees that data is collected in the right context, providing businesses with location-specific insights to make better decisions and optimize operations.


Email Alerts for Prompt Action

In a fast-paced business environment, timely actions can make all the difference.


AtWrk's Digital Forms Module allows businesses to configure email alerts, ensuring that stakeholders are immediately notified when a new form result is submitted. This proactive approach enables swift responses to critical situations and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Tailored Data Capture

AtWrk's Digital Forms Module offers a rich array of form components to suit diverse data capture needs.


Businesses can incorporate pictures, dropdown lists, and text entry areas in their digital forms, creating a tailored data collection process. This flexibility ensures that businesses capture relevant information efficiently and accurately.

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Integration with AtWrk Modules: Enhanced Data Analysis

The true power of AtWrk's Digital Forms Module lies in its seamless integration with other modules, such as Datasets.


This integration enables businesses to associate forms with specific items in a business Dataset, allowing for comprehensive data analysis and informed decision-making. By linking data from different sources, businesses can gain deeper insights and extract more value from their data.

Empowering Efficiency and Data-Driven Decision Making

Efficient data collection is the foundation of data-driven decision-making.


AtWrk's Digital Forms Module empowers businesses to streamline data collection processes, enabling quicker data availability and improved decision-making capabilities. By leveraging real-time data, businesses can optimize workflows, identify areas for improvement, and make strategic choices to drive success.

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Embrace AtWrk's Digital Forms Module Today

Efficiency and precision in data collection are crucial for modern enterprises. AtWrk's Digital Forms Module equips businesses with a powerful and user-friendly tool to capture, manage, and analyze data effectively.


From geo-locked forms to seamless integration with other modules, AtWrk empowers businesses to unlock the true potential of their data and drive informed decisions. Embrace the future of data collection with AtWrk and propel your business towards enhanced efficiency and success.

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