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Q3 2023: Updates to Efficiency and Customisation in ServiceAtWrk

AtWrk’s field service management application, ServiceAtWrk has been constantly evolving to meet the dynamic needs of businesses and its customers. In our latest feature-packed updates, we're thrilled to introduce game-changing enhancements that can revolutionise your company's operations.

Excel Import Capabilities with Custom Profiles

One of our most significant updates is enhanced data import functionality as ServiceAtWrk now supports Excel files in custom profiles, making data migration a breeze. Whether you're importing customer lists, inventory data, or any other information critical to your operations, ServiceAtWrk's custom import profile tool allows businesses to effortlessly bring their data into the system. This feature saves you time and minimizes the risk of errors associated with manual data entry, helping to introduce new data processes that can run smoothly.

Print Templates Tailored to Status

Printing documents in ServiceAtWrk just got smarter with our new "Print Template per Status" feature. Imagine a scenario where you're dealing with sales orders at various stages, each requiring a different template. ServiceAtWrk now automates this process for you. When you print a document, the system automatically selects the appropriate template based on the status of the item. Whether it's a Sales Quote, Sales Order, or any other document, you no longer have to worry about selecting the right template manually. This feature is not limited to sales documents though, it extends to jobs and datasets, allowing you to create templates tailored to specific needs. For instance, you can easily add watermarks to unfinished job sheets or highlight "PAID" on invoices in bold letters. This level of customization is invaluable in industries where document presentation is crucial.

Per-Customer Product Uploads

Another feature we have been developing recently is "Per-Customer Product Uploads." Now, you can assign different product cost files to individual customers. This opens potential for per customer pricing systems which would help you manage new customers differently or reward loyal ones with exclusive discounts. This flexibility allows you to tailor your pricing strategy to maximize profits and customer satisfaction over the long and short term without disturbing your systems invoicing.

Customer Facing Sales Orders

"Customer Facing Sales Orders" allows customers to log in to ServiceAtWrk and create their own sales orders. Your customers can independently browse your products and place orders, streamlining the buying process and reducing your workload. It's a win-win situation that enhances customer engagement and frees up your team's time for other critical tasks.

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a top priority at AtWrk, we are constantly working on general enhancements and improvements to keep up with industry updates that we find as we check regularly for new advice and standards that are published. This release has seen updates to password handling and storage to keep data secure and safe on all AtWrk platforms.

AtWrk's ServiceAtWrk is all about making your business efficient and to create a system that can be tailored to your needs whether that's field service management or anything else. With these latest updates, we've unlocked new levels of productivity and customisation. From Excel imports to automatic template selection, enhanced security, per-customer product uploads, and customer-facing sales orders, we're here to empower your business.

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