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### Section 1 - The customer


- Their name and a little bit about them


They sell plant machinery (kubota dealer)

They have a small team with a handful of engineers who service and maintain vehicles they have sold

- The opportunity they saw in ServiceAtWrk
An end-to-end business tool

An app their workers could use on jobs

Finance system compatible

### Section 2 - The challenge they needed to solve
- A bit more detail about the customer's issue

They had legacy processes using lots of paper and relying on the Directors a lot for organisation

Directors would often have to support the business even when on holiday as all the scheduling was in their head

Keeping processes up to date with jobs going on and many products sales being put through the business was tough to keep organised

They had a legacy system which was no longer supported so any issues they had with it were not going to be solved

- What they wanted to achieve (their objectives)

Job scheduling and organisation

Accounts integration

Dataset Management (Machine Register)

- What would be a good outcome (setup for the conclusion)

Adrian can go on holiday without a phone call every day about who needs to do what

Accounts are seemlessly integrated with jobs and stock control

Engineers can work with mobile devices to help enforce process and improve information from jobs

### Section 3 - The solution from SAW
- How we solved their problem

Consultancy to break down a project process that can work with a modern system

Custom work done to the system to work with their processes and solve problems quickly as they arose

Implementation of all our modules in tandem to deliver a full Enterprise Management System

- Which module they used


- How we used the module to solve the issue

Jobs - Service for machines

Forms - Machine inspections

Datasets - Machine Register with all jobs and forms appended to each one

Stock Control - Buying and Selling parts on a day to day basis

Accounts - Integration with Xero and Invoice management

### Section 4 - The conclusion - results
- What tangible changes we saw from the solution being implemented

Jobs are more compliant

Scheduling is visible for the whole business

The machine register is electronic instead of a cabinet of paper

Accounts are more easily integrated with the system making lives easier

- What improvements to their process we can see from the ServiceAtWrk implementation

Reduction in double entry

Jobs are more compliant

Machine checks are digitised for better process compliance with their suppliers

- How we are working with them to maintain success

Working with them to continuously improve the system and processes

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