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Job Management Solutions

Streamline communication in your business using our all in one, easy to use app. You can't be in more than one place at a time but with our technology, it will feel like you are! Find out how to stay connected with your mobile workforce here...


AtWrk CRM Features

Our advanced online platform is modular, allowing you to set out how you want to work like never before.


The AtWrk system is built to be highly flexible and as such our pricing is also something that can vary depending on what you need.

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Service Module

ServiceAtWrk is our end-to-end all-purpose job management system. Aimed to suit the needs for any business in the service based industries, we have built a flexible platform that you can adapt to suit the workflow of your business.

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Job List

All the latest information and schedule that your workers could need is available right on their home page with a simply organised job list. 

Each job has a clear set of information the worker needs to action, Title, Description, Status and Date and Time.

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Job Scheduling

Workers and Office Staff can work together to get jobs scheduled for the best times with Job Schedulling available in the app as well as on the CRM. 

Office Staff can see worker availablity and workers get notifications instantly to let them know about job updates.

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Risk Assessment

Build a risk assessment with all the components you need to have a robust process that can meet all the standards you require while also making it easy and simple for your workers to get started with the job at hand. 

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Customer Sign Off

Customer sign off can be done simply through our app with signature taking and soon to come, more options for how customers can sign off work. 

Specify whether photos need to accompany job sign off, set how many signatures are needed and make sure all bases are covered before the stamp of approval is given.

AtWrk #GetOrganised

Detailed client records, scheduling, stock levels, timecards all in one place and easily connected with your current systems. Sounds good, right?! Find out about even more below or get in contact with us now.
Visual Workforce Performance

Measure your team’s realtime performance with tailored reporting and integrate data with your existing back office.


Track your workforce in transit, on the job and find your next nearest worker with dynamic schedule availability.

Site and Contact Database

No more slips of paper notes for customer calls, build the relationships with Site Contacts to ensure good customer retention.

Work Order / Job Management

Take your work orders digital and remove paper from the business. AtWrk has many features specically guided towards field service workers and communication.


An all in one system that provides your team with total control

An all in one system that provides your team with total control

An all in one system that provides your team with total control

Our powerful software can transform your business. At it's most basic it's a simple, effective solution for connecting you with your mobile workforce, helping you track arrivals, work completion and client satisfaction. At it's full capacity it can help you streamline all areas of your company; client records, enquiries, scheduling of work, processes, staff productivity, stock checks, time sheets etc. and connects to your accounting software – an end to end solution from job booking to job completion.

A modular system

Build out an AtWrk System that suits your needs as a business
Forms Module

Create custom forms to improve worker compliance and implement processes.

Filter forms using tags, secure them within a geo-bound area and append them to jobs and datasets.

Stock Module

Keep track of stock levels, restock only when needed and have all the support you need for integration with partners through 3rd party APIs and Punchout Systems.

Service Module

Our core module that lets you customise workflow to suit your business with flexible forms, risk assessments and job scheduling. Create a system that is a perfect fit for your workforce.

Catalogue and Security

Manage fitting rooms, work with your security firms with incident reporting and implement smart kiosk systems. Often partnered with our custom signage solutions.

Accounts Module

Seemlessly integrate the invoicing and stock control modules of ServiceAtWrk with your accounts system. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoicing and Credit Notes all manageable with jobs and product management.

Field Service Solutions

We're confident our ServiceAtWrk system can meet the needs of your business to become the last workforce management system you will ever need.

Security and Loss Prevention

With a combination of our datasets module and other features, we have been able to provide security workforces across the country with an easy to use system.

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Still not sure?

The AtWrk platform is something that we believe can be suited to any business. The combination of our modules and the easy customisation of the core components of the system is something that we think is unrivalled in this space. If you want to learn more or try and find out if AtWrk is for you, then dont hesitate to contact us.

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