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ServiceAtWrk is our end-to-end all-purpose job management system. Aimed to suit the needs for any business in the service based industries, we have built a flexible platform that you can adapt to suit the workflow of your business.

Fully customisable for any workflow, job type or business.

Suitable for many different applications, ServiceAtWrk has already been utilised for cleaning, construction, hardware installations, field service managment and more. Contact us to for a demo or to see how your bussiness would look with ServiceAtWrk.

Field Service Solutions

We're confident our ServiceAtWrk system can meet the needs of your business to become the last workforce management system you will ever need.

Security and Loss Prevention

With a combination of our datasets module and other features, we have been able to provide security workforces across the country with an easy to use system.

"Working with AtWrk has been a really refreshing experience"
- Simran Baghara, National Business Crime Solution

CRM Key Features

The Service Module wouldnt be complete without these key aspects


Job Scheduling

New Jobs can be given prioritised statuses, booked date and times and also planned in through an interactive calendar process. 
Workers can get back to you with revised schedulling and next nearest workers can be chosen when setting up new jobs.
All controlled from a centralised CRM which you can specify to suit your needs.


Job Customisation

Our system's foundation is built on a flexible job creation system where you can configure what elements need to be tackled at each stage of the job process. 

Create your own risk assessment, specify if photos are mandatory or not, configure which statuses of a job are actually useful for your workflow. 


Team Communication

Our system uses quick and easy chat functionality which can be accessed through two channels. 

Group chats are custom chat rooms you setup based on common user attributes which you can customise. All moderated and fully accessible through the CRM. 

Job comments allow all workers to log notes, talk to their managers and get updates for a specific job, making worker communication quick and easy.

AtWrk #GetOrganised

Detailed client records, scheduling, stock levels, timecards all in one place and easily connected with your current systems. Sounds good, right?! Find out about even more below or get in contact with us now.

Mobile Field Service Workforce

iOS and Android apps available for workers to access the ServiceAtWrk platform, various levels of 2FA (2 factor authentication) are available to ensure security.

  • Job acceptance management

  • In transit tracking

  • Estimate time of arrival and completion.

  • On site collection of customer signature/s

  • Direct job related photos or photos added to job gallery.


Application Key Features

The Service Module wouldnt be complete without these key aspects


Customer Sign Off

Customer sign off is made easy by making it readily available through our app. 

You can specify how customer sign off should be achieved whether simply through a mandatory signature, or specifying for more details that are needed. 


Business Forms

If you need your mobile workers to be able to have a form to hand at any time, or simply want to provide documentation so they have everything they need for any eventuality. Our forms builder lets you setup workers with all the tools you can think of with a customisable layout editor to suit your every need. 



If your workforce needs to be out and about and you need to know what their ETA to site is then we have you covered. Built in ETAs and tracking to keep up with how they are getting on while travelling to site makes it easy for you to make sure jobs are staying on track throughout the working day.

Iphone_X (3).png

Still not sure?

The AtWrk platform is something that we believe can be suited to any business. The combination of our modules and the easy customisation of the core components of the system is something that we think is unrivalled in this space. If you want to learn more or try and find out if AtWrk is for you, then dont hesitate to contact us.

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